Saturday, September 13, 2014

Revised GURPS Magic: Resist Water

This is just a quick one today, noticed, naturally, when someone wanted to access to this spell.

Resist Water basically keeps you dry.

All I did was:

- remove the DR 2 vs. acid. I don't see why that's there. It doesn't help vs. steam, ice, etc. And there is a specific spell to stop acid!

- noted the spell clearly keeps you dry but doesn't keep you from contact with the liquid. Otherwise, it would help vs. steam, ice, etc.

- this spell doesn't help you swim, breathe water, or keep you from drowning. You'll be nice and dry, but dead, if you're submerged in water, inhale water, etc. and drown.

Basically, it's all about the dryness. This is excellent to keep equipment safe and clothes clean and people dry for purposes of illness, disease, resting in damp conditions, etc. But it won't save you from the acute effects of water.


  1. So basically magical Rain-Ex. Simple and sweet.

    1. Yeah. I'm playing off the "immune to the effects of dampness, remaining dry even if completely submerged" wording of the spell. I'm all ready for the "so therefore I have an anti-water, anti-drowning, anti-acid forcefield!" argument. Basically, no, you just emerge from the water dry. Drowned, but dry.

    2. "So we drown our target in the moat, and no one will know how he died! It'll just look like natural causes!"


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