Saturday, November 22, 2014

Teaser of the Mad Archmage

Last night was a session of the S&W B-Team, run by Erik Tenkar. For Doug Cole's summary, see here. For my teaser of my later session summary, read on.

During the session.

. . . we found a way down to level 4.

. . . we found a bunch of colored factions who run fights in the arena.

. . . Mirado fought an unsuccessful duel with a half-orc faction leader, partly do to being outmatch but mostly because he couldn't roll above a 10 for most of the fight.

. . . blagged a bookie.

. . . ran from eye killers.

. . . killed some touch skeletons.

. . . found ways down to levels 5 and 6.

. . . negotiated with some guys who don't understand how haggling works.

. . . met a statue of the god of athletics, Arnold Schwarzenegger

. . . and somehow made it home alive.

Not a terrifically profitable session, and Mirado was basically useless after a brief stint of good rolls early. After that, no foe or no door was too weak for him to fail against. We did find a teaser in the form of a bunch of gems, but they only averaged out 200 gp each so it wasn't so exciting after all. Not a 10,000 gp one in the bunch! Oh well, next time.

I'll get a full report up this evening.

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