Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Painting: Goblins

While the turkey is roasting, I've been working on these guys:

Half-done Goblins photo GoblinsHalf-Done001s_zpsc69608e5.jpg

On the left are 3 of the Legendary Encounters pre-paints I'm using as a guide.

Matching the colors turned out to be trivial - black, burgundy, and grey from my Apple Barrels Paints collection and Bronze Flesh from Vallejo Game Colors. Exact matches, all. The silver, though, I'm re-painting as metallic gunmetal grey, even on the pre-paints.

The big problem I'm having is that I wanted to paint directly onto the Bones, with no white or grey base, for the flesh. I tried, but you can see a lot of open patches. The hydrophobic Bones plastic and the naturally very thin Game Colors meant that even after 2-3 coats I'm still not done with the flesh. This is why I'm being deliberately messy around the edges of other areas - that way when I go back to the flesh again I only need one coat next to armor, shields, weapons, etc.

I got some of these in the Bones Kickstarter, and I may have traded for more. Once done, I should have something like 18 goblins. I could use a few more, since I tend to deploy goblins in large groups, but they'll do. I can fill out groups with counters and Cardboard Heroes. The only complains I have with these guys is some of the plastic bending is so bad and ingrained (like bent spear shafts) that I can't correct it, and the maces are ridiculously big. Especially on plastic minis, you can make them much smaller with no issue about fragility. A real mace looks almost like a lethal little package, but mini figure weaponry looks like a comically oversized inflatable mock weapon.

I also have the Pathfinder goblins, but they're becoming Doomchildren, instead, same as the pre-painted I bought off of eBay.

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