Friday, April 10, 2015

PWYW for Computer Board Games

I saw a news article about this:

Humble Bundle

It's Pay What You Want (PWYW) for Talisman and two other games, and if you pay more than $7 you get Settlers of Catan and a few more games on top of that.

I'd really like these in a format I could run on my Kindle Fire, not my PC, but if that's an option I don't see it. But I might go in for the lower level, just to get Talisman. Settlers is immensely popular, but that's the main reason I am interested in it. It must be popular for a reason. But I'm not a build-and-trade kind of guy. I'm a tactical or strategic wargamer type. But Talisman - yeah, Talisman. I want that. It was free for a bit but that was before I had my Kindle and I couldn't bank it without a device to deliver it to. So this might be my chance to play that classic game.

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