Monday, April 13, 2015

Cold Fens 2 Part II pictures

Thanks to andi jones for these pictures of our Sunday session, Cold Fens 2 Part II

Click on any of these to see a bigger version.

This is right after we started, when Asher went down to spears and sword blows. The counter shows 4 seconds left on the Fire Cloud spell.

 photo swampsedge-coldfens-2a_enemies-closing-in small_zpsmhvxlu9k.jpg

Bjorn rushes into the fray!

 photo swampsedge-coldfens-2a_bjorn-joins-in small_zpsodosu5az.jpg

Rahtnar is facing off with a squad organized for mayhem.
 photo swampsedge-coldfens-2a_rahtnar-vs-phalanx small_zpsqjntu8pb.jpg

The "centurion" - a plate armored swordsman - goes down.

 photo swampsedge-coldfens-2a_crismus-bonus-down small_zps9wwbk0jg.jpg

Bjorn dropped unconscious as the enemy pushed in. You can see the fallen swordsman is now on fire, because Hannibal the Flammable is like that.

 photo swampsedge-coldfens-2a_bjorn-is-down small_zps3reyh9fo.jpg

And one last one - the door mantlet.

 photo swampsedge-coldfens-2a_bunker-buddy small_zpsiosortki.jpg

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