Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pictures from Sunday's Cold Fens 2

Here are some pictures, as usual courtesy of Asher "andi jones" Crestfallen. Or vice-versa.

All of them took place in the dungeon in the Cold Fens, during Cold Fens session 2

 photo swamps-edge-ep-2_pic-2_jerry-is-down s_zpskhftk4m5.jpg

Oops, bad guy behind the door.

 photo swamps-edge-ep-2_pic-3_spearmen-engage s_zps7aehptbl.jpg

Spearmen charging out of the Smoke cloud. The weird die is marking a light stone.

 photo swamps-edge-ep-2_pic-4_asher-is-the-worlds-greatest-hero s_zpsbz5tm4wr.jpg

Close-up of the above. That's one of my best paint jobs (Asher, in blue) and one of my favorite minis (the red-and-white swordsman), which also came out pretty well after many fits and starts.

 photo swamps-edge-ep-2_pic-5_rahtnar-is-surrounded s_zpsb5xgdhqp.jpg

Rahtnar has left a path of foot-less foes, but more are closing in . . . and Great Haste is ending.

 photo swamps-edge-ep-2_pic-6_rahtnar-engages s_zps0c7xaoca.jpg

Rahtnar and his foes, and his hobgoblin zombie buddy.

 photo swamps-edge-ep-2_pic-7_doorway-scramble s_zpsoutiugik.jpg

Fire Cloud is an underrated spell, but the USMC taught Hannibal's player all about placing it. Here it hoses the left flank but cuts off a couple spearmen and protects Hannibal and Galoob. Also note how the Greek-looking fighter has used the door to protect his flank.

This is shortly before we ended the session, which was this pic:

 photo Battle of the Cold Fens 001s_zpsyy4oxiub.jpg

In that one you can see the zombies are down, Korric and Orrie are down, and the situation is looking bad.


  1. That red and white swordsman with the centurion helm is just awesome.mreally well painted.

    1. Thanks. I forgot you've seen him close up. He's from either a Ral Partha or RAFM set - I think RAFM - where you could assemble the minis from bits. That guy only needed a shield, though.


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