Sunday, October 11, 2015

Gamma Terra preliminary summary

We played GURPS Gamma Terra today, GM'ed by andi jones.

Pretty much, we:

- headed out to a "taboo" land called "12 Point 7 Mike Mike" partway between Bal'Kree and Ann Arbor.

- Looted some mannequins of their displayed guns and heard faints sounds of George Thorogood & the Destroyers, but couldn't figure out from where.

- Found a train station and a pedal-powered train car and a tunnel either way - one dark, one light.

- Pedaled into the dark and found a bunch of bullet-proof pillbugs. Their bellies weren't bulletproof, though. The tunnel dead-ended with some collapsed stone.

- Pedaled back to the light and found mushrooms spread on the tracks near a collapse point. Fatbox went into that spot and triggered off an attack by obbs.

We shot them up and looted a dead mutant humanoid of his rad suit, gloves, and two "headlights" that turned out to work in conjunction with the gloves as body-energy-powered lasers. Many inappropriate but funny jokes were made.

- Went back and met androids cleaning up the mess we made of the mannequins. The android was a Mark V and recognized us as "Tomorrow Men." We followed it up to meet "Mike."

- Chatted with "Mike," a survivor of the 20th Homeland's first group to leave the bunker. We learned a lot.

- We determined that Hard to Kill 2 is a disadvantage, in that if, say, Short Bus took 2 levels of it, we'd say, "You go in front, you have Hard to Kill 2" or "Let the Hardest of us to kill go first!" or "Well, Short Bus has Hard to Kill 2, so he should try that."

- Heard about Yexil and how it eats clothes, and got answers to clarify the annoyingly obscure graffiti in the bunker.

Sadly, though, I did find my mutant powers include Night Vision 1 but don't include either Long Arms or Stretching powers (I tried) OR eye beams no matter how angry of a staring I gave Fatbox. Although I have some points saved up, so you can't be sure yet.

I'll try to get a real summary up tomorrow, work permitting!

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