Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Rohanians and Sathar

Are Men of Rohan called Rohanians?

I kind of like it. "I found this great Rohanian restaurant, next to the Bhutanese take-out place." Or "I'm half Rohanian on my mother's side."


Anyway, I've had these Men of Rohan for like 10+ years (probably more like 12+) and finally started putting paint them them in the past year. I'd pull them out when I felt like line painting and went to town, copying someone else's color and painting pattern.

I did some final paint touch-up a couple days ago will listening to an online lecture, and today I washed them with my pseudo-Magic Wash.

If you look closely, one has a flail instead of a spear - the spear broke off (or I broke it off) and ended up on a PC's mini in my last campaign. I gave him a flail as a replacement and added a sword as a backup - the sword is from some GW kit.

 photo Rohanians_zpspj87y0bs.jpg

They'll do as Men of Molotov in my DF game, maybe.

And I finished the Sathar, mostly. He's got a base, which I'm going to fill in, and he's waiting on a sealing coat of gloss to give him a Sathar-like sheen.

 photo Sathar 002s_zpsfwpsyach.jpg


  1. Every time you post minis I go "ooooh! can't wait to kill THEM!"
    Maybe not the snakey with the blaster machinegun...
    I hope there's "just another snake cult" in the Forgotten city!

  2. To be pendantic, the people were collectively called the Rohirrim. I always loved that word for the horse lords sounded like something a horse itself would say. You could probably use that word to describe their cuisine and culture in general: "Great skirt - looks Rohirrim with just a bit of Gondorian influence."

    1. Trust Tolkein to go with the complex solution when "Rohanians" was just sitting there waiting to be used.

  3. Not to rain on your parade, Peter, but my wife (who teaches a class that is reading The Fellowship of the Ring) said upon viewing the pic of the Men of Rohan: "Where's the horses?" She had a point. But I guess not ALL Men of Rohan rode horses ALL the time, right? ;)

    1. Yeah, there's certainly a distinction between the Men of Rohan and the Riders of Rohan.

    2. I was thinking, historically, are there any horse cultures where everyone rode, and which weren't nomadic?

      The nomadic ones I get, but even then, it's a tough model to sustain - you need many more horses than people for the warrior types.

      It's nice to know that the Rohorororirmmmms whatevers had some infantry, even if it's just from poverty.

  4. Love the Sathar. I like the way you painted the creature. Cheers, Karl


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