Friday, October 9, 2015



 photo Broken Nicole Brush_zpswulfxhfg.jpg

Nicole Size 0, WHY?

Was it because I done you wrong?

Was it because I sometimes looked at other brushes?

Was it because I used the blunt end of the handle to pry dried paint out of my craft paint caps?

Okay, yes, that's what happened.

I was doing some quick paint layering on some troll minis (from that TSR Monster Tribes set I got) after finishing one draft and moving on to the next draft. I stopped to clean out gunked up paint from a paint cap so it would close properly . . . and, snap.

Okay, it's one of my cheap brushes. But it's been my go-to brush for a while now. Long bristles, sharp point, slightly hooked tip that let me get inside shields and under cloak edges with ease.

I guess maybe it's time to bust out the W&N Series 7 I have waiting in the wings and get serious.


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