Sunday, October 25, 2015

DF Game Pre-Summary

I'm not sure I have the time for a summary tonight. But I can give the bullet points:

- No permanent losses today, except maybe for Gerry's arm. He's browsing the Necromancer Foul Arm power-ups since I told him they're okay for his wizard.

- Lots of crippling injuries, actually.

- A bad way to trigger an ambush is to walk into it. A worse way is to plummet 20 yards down and to land right in front of it.

- Vegepygmies!

- Thornies!

- No real loot, but some experimentation was done.

- Passed out the first awesome bonus in a long time, since it was raining skeletons and then raining vegepygmies.

- Watch out for snakes! (Sorry)


  1. You're in the wrong terrain for snakes. Snakes are only cool on a flat grassland.

  2. This one was fun for me and horrible for the mages. We had to fight vegepgymies on a treacherous overgrown switchback that took out both mages with falls. I rushed to get them and triggered a rockfall and fell, then smashes them good until I fell again and dropped my weapon, and wrestled and shield bashed and tackled 2 of them and threw them off the edge, then got up, drew my broadsword and shield rushed them.

  3. Some people were barely injured. O..o. And the Druid and Scout also were unscathed. I can't imagine it going much worse for the group overall, although I think if the group had walked into the ambush instead of one member falling into it, more *individuals* may have been injured, instead of two crippled mages...which I think would have been better overall.

    1. Take the +1 for Awesome as a consolation prize.

      But yes, they'd have been in position to mob the lead guy or two, but that's not the same as getting to jump all over the crippled wizard and then fight everyone one by one.


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