Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Tanktober / Orctober Double Post

So I've been greatly enjoying the posts over at The Man Cave, making a game of identifying tanks. I'm not going to have time to build a tank model myself, either, this October. But I do have this old AFV video I took. If you want to guess whose Stug III Ausf G it is, be my guest. I happen to know and I didn't put it in the video notes.

Apologies for the cruddy music. I didn't bother to change the station when it went by, I just grabbed the camera, caught up with them, and made a quick video.

But it's also Orctober, and I spray-primed these orcs from a TSR Monster Tribes boxed set I got unboxed off of eBay:

 photo Orctober Pic_zps4mkysjmu.jpg

They're very old style pig-faced orcs. I have two of them painted already in my orc box (the chief with the axe, with a sword swapped in, and the second from the right.) But the other two were so heavily damaged over the years I haven't done the work to restore them. Mostly because I hate doing anything with lead except painting and sealing it. Either way, these guys will get painted up and added to the collection.


  1. Next year we should stay in a series of Orctober GURPS combat events.


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