Tuesday, October 6, 2015

GURPS Zombies special for October

I popped over to the SJG Forums to check on a project in the private freelancers forums and saw this post:

Get More With GURPS Zombies and Day One!

October means unspeakable schemes coming to fruition . . . and we've got one at Warehouse 23!

All October long, if you pick up GURPS Zombies -- in hardcover or PDF -- you can get GURPS Zombies: Day One free, with the magic code GURPSZOMBIES2015.

Yes, with Zombies you get the building blocks to add zombies to any sort of campaign you can envision, while Day One provides you with eight great campaign frameworks to get started right away with your own tales of the restless dead.

But hurry; this Warehouse 23 offer ends October 31, 2015!

I'm not a big zombie fan (as much as I like undead in fantasy games) but I am a big fan of GURPS Zombies. It's a very useful resource for fantasy games as well as its main purpose - zombies for zombie game action. I haven't read Day One yet, but hey, free add-on when you break down and a get a book full of zombies.

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