Monday, October 12, 2015

Busy day, summary tomorrow (and Ogre notes)

I ended up with a lot to do today, so I wasn't able to sit down and write anything in the way of a game summary for yesterday.

Over the weekend I did turn up most of my Ogre collection . . . and I have a lot more than I thought. Besides all the stuff I'd mentioned before, and setting aside the Ogres that I'm considering keeping, it turns out I have something like 1-2 of every Ogre I - VI (yes, I seem to have two bagged Mark VIs that I didn't know I bought), and all of the minis I thought I'd pulled out of boxes are extra.

So it'll take a while before I can really get an itemized list and some idea of what they're worth. But I'm moving quickly towards selling them. Although I might pull a Mark VI to assemble and keep . . .

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