Friday, November 13, 2015

GURPS release this week: Dungeon Fantasy Treasures 1: Glittering Prizes

Just a quick FYI:

Dungeon Fantasy Treasures 1: Glittering Prizes came out this week.

It expands your options for coin sizes, clothing (and armor) materials, and more?

Need magic coins? Randomly shaped coinage for the infernal ape-snakes of the Great Gorge of Level 7? Want to wear a shirt made out of screams?

Got you covered.

Also, there was an update to Dungeon Fantasy 15: Henchmen this week, fixing a skill level error on a template. It's worth downloading the update if you're using sages in your bevy of henchmen.


  1. My suggestion for DF Treasures 2 is "Endless Compromises". Semi-cursed magic items.

    1. I love semi-cursed items. Especially the ones that players just can't part with, because the benefits are so-o-o-o sweet.

      Maybe Matt has some ideas. If not, I have some!


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