Monday, November 16, 2015

Some Tank Model Irony

So I was taking a look at some tank models, because I'd really like to make a "Hetzer" - a Jagdpanzer 38.

The irony?

It's twice as much over on for a 1:72 "Hetzer" model as for a 1:72 Panther model. Actually, 3x as much but it's closer to 2x once you factor in shipping.

For those of you who just blink and shrug:

Hetzer: Basically a late-war German assault gun built on the chassis of the Czech 38t tank, which was obselete by that point. No turret, more armor, excellent gun, and a low profile made it a great ambush vehicle. Cheap, too.

Panther: A high-end complex tank design equipped with all the bells and whistles of a late-war tank model.


  1. The point is well taken, but it's all about that supply and demand. Everybody wants a Panzer so they are cheap and plentiful. Only weirdos and tank nuts would want Hetzer.

    Full disclosure, I'm one of those weirdos - I cheerfully admit to loving the Hetzer. Those weird and woolly tank designs always put a smile on my face.

    1. That's true. I bet the Hetzer crews would have preferred a Panther, too.

      I think of this as related to what I called the "Steel Panthers" effect. In my games of Steel Panthers, pretty much every SiG 33 ever made was deployed with my little kampfgruppe. And late war, every Brumbar. They were too darn useful for flattening structures and blasting anti-tank infantry out of the woods. Nevermind how few were actually deployed, I got them all.

      I gather the same thing happens with the Puma scout car in Bolt Action minis games.

      So as a "tank nut" I want all those niche useful designs, all of those tanks that fit into an interesting niche (cheap to produce, good for ambushing, etc.) more than the "cool" big tanks. I'd rather have two Hetzer models or a couple of Nashorns or a Marder III or two than a Jagdtiger, say, but the latter is also cheaper than a Hetzer model. More modelers probably want the Jadgtiger . . .


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