Thursday, November 26, 2015

Old School Grappling Revised/Revival

There have been a few articles about grappling recently that I'd like to link to:

First is a grappling system for a DnD-based game still in development. The original rules are over at Goblins & Greatswords:

Goblins & Greatswords: Grappling made simple(ish)

And before I could even link it over to him, Doug spotted it and wrote up a really nice look at it:

Grappling at The Flagon

Doug is the man when it comes to grappling rules. He's got a very solid grasp of what's needed and how things work. Not only that, he's simultaneously the guy that made GURPS grappling much more complex and made the core of the rules much more simple with GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling.

Meanwhile, here is a nice spin on the DnD/Clone friendly grappling article Doug and I co-wrote for The Manor #8.*

Dynamic Grappling

It's both flattering and inspiring when someone takes what you've written and gone and worked on it more.

In theory, that's how Doug feels about all the emails I send him saying, "I made TG simpler again by ditching all of your hard work. What do you think?" Heh.

* Standard joke: Doug writes something awesome but complex. I saw, "Make it simpler, like so." Doug fixes it. I claim half the credit.


  1. Have you seen the grappling/pummeling/overbearing rules in Adventures Dark and Deep? I'm pretty proud of them; the key is making unarmed combat work just like melee combat, rather than treating it like something completely different.

    1. I have not, but if you want me to do a detailed review, I'm happy to do it. I love looking at grappling rules, and the ones at the Flagon met a lot of my criteria for "doing it right."

    2. Shoot me your email address to and I'll send you a review copy of my latest supplement on wuxia/kung fu gaming. It has the unarmed combat rules included as an appendix.

    3. Now I'm looking forward to Doug's review.


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