Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Party in Miniature, New Additions

Here is a quick WIP shot of the five minis of the new party members:

 photo Party in Mini Additions_zpsakblya84.jpg

Hasdrubal, Kenner, Gale, Hjalmarr, and Mo

Yes, the left three are taller than the right three. "Heroic 25mm" or whatever Reaper calls it these days means "everyone is very big." Can't be helped. しょうがない, eh Kenner?


  1. 好きよ!
    Kenner looks appropriately humorless. Having a "Heroic" scale that is different is a bit silly but I'll take it.

  2. Let's assume that the 6'4" Hjalmarr and 7'+ Mo are just kind of crouching. Looks great!


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