Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Fun Stonehell 2 typo

Or at least, I think it's a typo. Otherwise it's putting Michael Curtis in the running to have "High Curtisian" as a writing style:

"Referees and players looking for complex details on overarching plots and other story elements will not find them here - but that doesn't mean they can be introduced!"

Ah, 't, where are thou?

It's obviously a mistake because the rest of the paragraph is about how Stonehell is just giving you the facts and it's up to you to tie them all together into a narrative whole.

But I laughed out loud and had to backtrack and read that one again.

I make my own share of typos (and even actual outright errors that need fixing.) But rarely are they as funny as that. Maybe Tin Shorts, which I need to stat up as a magic item.


  1. The Tin Shorts - provides +1 AC, but imposes Disadvantage on rolls (making you more likely to roll a 1) while worn.

    1. They should make you roll until you get a 1 or a 20. I'd say flip a coin, but we both now it's more like a 95/5 split.

  2. Tin Shorts should give you Bad Temper.


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