Saturday, June 18, 2016


So I did break down and get Darklands from a GOG sale. I'd mentioned I was looking at it.

I played around with a bit between busy times. So far:

- I've only played with the pre-gens. Why struggle with chargen if I can just wander around and see what the game is like first? This might be the only time I've done this seriously. Usually the pregens are just awful.

- the combat system is a little clunky, but not terrible.

- wow, that's a weak demon.

- but wow, that's a tough demon.

- I really need to sit down and read the book.

It's fun, though, and it's clunky but not terrible. Makes me feel like I'm playing a bloody version of King's Quest.


  1. ihave book and there are websites that have reproduced data with maps like trade routes, saints, alchemy supplies and more

    as it is BRP was easy to run as a rpg for a year

    1. I've been looking at the clue book, rule book, and so on plus this site:

      What I forgot was the key rule of CRPGs until about 10-12 years ago - write down everything. EVERYTHING. It doesn't have an automap for you, you can't check automatic notes to see who gave you that quest (my current problem - got a quest late at night, woke up the next day and couldn't remember who owes me a reward in which city), figuring out which gear does what isn't easy, etc. Sigh. Good thing I'm just messing around as a test playthrough.

      BRP? Basic Role-Playing, like CoC and Elfquest?

    2. Hah, and even if they give you said notes, it's not always easy to go and read them. Looking at you, Baulder's Gate.

  2. pretty much ran as cthulhu variant with satan and witches from darklands

  3. Goodbye, freetime. I still use bits of the alchemy system in my GURPS campaigns and the Germany-equivalent on my gameworld is pretty much pulled straight from this game.

    I still have my handwritten notes from this game in my Gaming Junk folder.

    1. I've got a seminar, too, so goodbye Darklands time.

      Seems like it could suck up a lot of time if you let it. I just wish I could Alt-Tab out of it without reducing it to a tiny window until I exit and restart. I like being able to come and go from the games I play, so I can play while I listen to things I need to review. Oh well.


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