Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Gale, Hasdrubel, Pirate

Here are three minis I finished recently:

 photo Gale Hasdrubel Pirate 001s_zpsjwenxxhr.jpg

I need to re-do the eyes on the pirate, though. He looks shocked on one eye and just weird on the other. Nevermind I colored him like a backup member of a 70s glam band. That will stay, but I do want to fix that one eye eventually.

The others are final, seal-coated and ready for play. Hopefully, they don't die the session they are finally finished. That's happened before . . .


  1. The picture link goes straight to the main photobucket website and not a larger version. Or is that how it's meant to be?

  2. "Nevermind I colored him like a backup member of a 70s glam band."

    This had me laughing. He actually looks a little Robert Plant to me. Nice mini!

    1. Heh, thanks. That's Robert Plant in his brief stint fronting that Slade/New York Dolls mashup supergroup alongside Marc Bolan and Syd Barrett.


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