Friday, June 10, 2016

Icy Reaper Bugbears aka the Yeti

Inspired by James Holloway's excellent snowy bugbears, here are some yeti for my game:

 photo Yeti 001s_zpsyigmzhed.jpg

Those ridiculously oversized maces are now big chunks of glacial ice. Possibly hollow.

You can also see that I clipped their spiky shields down a bit and re-oriented them. I don't like giant spiky shields held longways along the arm very much. I pulled them off, cut the peg, glued it on and gap-filled it with green stuff. Then I put on greenstuff straps.

Mine aren't painted very well. I had real trouble getting a dirty blue. But it's okay for tabletop, and I'm so done with painting them.

I have some custom GURPS stats for these guys, but you wouldn't go too far either just uses ogre stats from DFA1 plus Fur and Temperature Tolerance and Chameleon, or using or the abominable snowman stats from Pyramid 3/50.


  1. I always assumed that the snowman and abominable snowman were due to a recent viewing of Frozen.

    1. I've never seen Frozen. I know it has two Princesses in it.

      They're really due to watching The Rocky and Bullwinkle show. Also, critically, Sean Punch and his wife sending me a Christmas card with a snowman on it, saying, "Aargh, we forget one monster."

    2. It also has two snowmen in it, which map to your snowmen pretty decently.

    3. Maybe they read Pyramid 3/50?


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