Sunday, June 12, 2016

Gamma Terra pre-summary

We played session 8 of andi's Gamma Terra game today.

Summary will come tomorrow.

For now:

- we assaulted the Ironmen. And when I say assaulted, I mean assaulted!

- only four of us showed up, but I think we burned through a few hundred rounds of ammo, several grenades, and dozens of foes.

- stupidity with torc grenades mean we did a lot less with them than we could have.

- someone tried to reason with us.

- duralloy armor is why we aren't dead.

- my glass knife is why a couple of others are.

- Spoilers: Hillbilly tackled people, Princess shot someone in the eye, Fatbox shotgunned everything, and all of us mocked Love Handles' tiny, inadequate cartridges.

Good game - lots of fighting, nonstop action, and great progress.

And I even spent some of Hillbilly's saved points!

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