Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Keymaster & Gatekeeper on the paint prep table

Here are the minis I'm working on while I do an online seminar for one of careers. Lots of listening, and I like to prep minis while I listen to work related stuff. Painting, too, but I often static stretch while I listen and I can't stretch and paint . . . but I can stretch and file quite well.

Here is what I'm working on:

 photo Keymaster 001s_zpsuelyv8yy.jpg

Left to right: Arnhand Guard (Reaper), the Gatekeeper, the Keymaster, and a Slime Ghost.

I think I need to drill out the Slime Ghost for a flying base, otherwise, it's just kind of a lump that's that usable for much.

Lots of flash to get off, lots of mold lines. But they should be fairly easy to paint. Then I can hand off the Gatekeeper to a friend.


  1. What material are those made out of?

    1. Pewter, pewter, pewter, and ecoplasm, respectively.


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