Saturday, June 25, 2016

Random Things for Saturday

Just a few random bits:

- Doug would like Darklands. It tracks penetration separately from damage, so you can get high-damage low-penetration weapons, high-penetration high-damage weapons, high-penetration low-damage weapons, etc. And you've got STR (your strength) and VIT (your endurance), and STR drops from pentrating hits and VIT from non-penetrating ones. Not kidding.

- Speaking of Darklands, I re-started with a new group. Chargen is annoying - it took hours to stack up the professions the right way on the right people with the right choices to get where I wanted. And then, oddly, only one of my characters started with armor and only three with weapons (and one of them was a bow, and didn't come with arrows.) Sigh. I should have cheaped the game and stolen the Pre-gen's gear. I'm having fun, though, but some of the 90s interface is tiresome.

- We've got a new player coming for a tryout for our next Felltower game. I hear he's going to run a thief, so just for refreshers, here is the DF Felltower Thief Mod. Sadly they stayed in the dungeon so he can't bring in his PC. Well, I could stick in as a prisoner of the crazies or something, but it would basically retcon a lot and retro-justify the PCs attacking their former allies ("to rescue that poor guy!") And I'd have to do too much explaining. I have two others avenues that reinforce, not undermine, the pattern of my game, though.

- We had a fun but short playtest session last night in Doug's game. He has a writeup here. I enjoyed it, but like I said - too much chitchat. I like to bs to start a session, get rolling and stay on target, and then wrap it all up later to deal with issues. But you know that, right?

- I'm really actually planning on selling my old Ogre Miniatures. But I have so many it's difficult - just organizing them was hard, now I need to decide on lots, take clear pictures, write descriptions, etc. I suppose I can do "giant lot!" but we're talking a four-figure collection, here, not "a hundred fifty or best offer!" That wouldn't even get half of the actual ogres. Yes, I overbought.


  1. Peter, contact me about your Orge minis. I believe I am in your neck of the woods and might be interested in the entire collection, even at 4 figures. You can reach me at wsclark at ptd dot net.

  2. I am very excited to have a Thief regularly adventuring with us. I think there are some lockmaster-immune locks, no?

    1. Yep. They're not that uncommon, and you guys have been frustrated by them multiple times.


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