Friday, January 6, 2017

New Release: Dungeon Fantasy Collection Pyramid

There was a new release yesterday for GURPS.

You can download a Preview here.

This is the collection of Dungeon Fantasy-related articles from all of the non-Dungeon Fantasy Pyramid issues. In other words, not articles from Dungeon Fantasy I, II, III, IV, or Welcome to Dungeon Fantasy but all of the rest.

I'm very pleased that I got cover credit. Top billing only because it's alphabetical order, but still. I'm flattered that I'm considered that big of a name in the small pond that is GURPS. If it was by sheer weight of articles it would have been Christopher Rice or Antoni Ten Monros. I only have two articles in the issue:

More Power to Dungeon Warriors! (co-authored with Sean Punch) from 3/61. A number of power-ups you will find in DFD: Barbarians and DFD: Swashbucklers originate here, plus there are a lot of power-ups for martial artists.

Horde Ninja from 3/70. This basically mashes up the ninja from DF12 with low-powered templates from DF15 and makes them into monsters. It also has "The Last Ninja" rule, which allows for monsters to get more powerful as you whittle them down. My own players will recognize the concept from the shadow creatures they fought in the last campaign. In context of the article, it shows how you can make fodder more than just a straight-up fight and make them increase in danger as you cut them down. Fans of Highlander and The One, rejoice!

This is a great deal if you're missing even two articles out of the pile, as each individual issue of Pyramid would be $7.99 and this is $15.99 for a lot of DF. It'll make my life easier as I can just keep this open when I'm making characters or using bits in adventurers.

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