Sunday, January 1, 2017

Felltower in 11 Numbers - 2017 New Year Edition

A while back I wrote a "Felltower in 11 Numbers" post to sum up 25 sessions of gaming. I did another post about the meta-stats of the campaign.

How about now, after 84 sessions and 57 delves into Felltower? I've updated it.

You can find the main links here for my GURPS Dungeon Fantasy megadungeon game known as Felltower.

My megadungeon, in 11 numbers:

1 - most number of times any single PC was Resurrected (tie between Vryce, Dryst, Hjalmarr)

2 - number of gates found

3 - number of campaign areas explored (Cold Fens, Felltower, Lost City of D'Abo)

5 - deepest level plumbed so far and deepest level heard of by the PCs

9 - different levels or sub-levels visited (even if only briefly), including the surface ruins.

15 - total number of PCs killed (4 have been Resurrected once apiece)

32 - total number of allied NPCs (hirelings, henchmen, recruited monsters) killed; does not include zombies or summonable minions

48 - longest streak of consecutive sessions in Felltower (sessions 10 - 57)

108 - approximate number of different kinds of identified monsters encountered (by race or species)

235 - approximate number of encounter areas explored overall across all levels visited in Felltower

400 - approximate number of different rumors heard

Number of monsters slain and amount of loot retrieved? It was too hard to count, but plenty of monsters have been put down and enough loot has been garnered to keep them coming back.

And just for reading this far, here is a Felltower bonus - I guess this is the place that heals the PCs in town.


  1. But the clinic is closed on Sundays!

    1. Which is clearly why you can't run back to town for a quick Remove Curse or Instant Restoration and then come back to the dungeon.


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