Friday, January 20, 2017

Mini WIP pictures

Here are a number of minis from my painting table:

 photo WIP January 2017 001s_zpsnuz0fmkf.jpg

Left to right:

TSR Dwarf, Ral Partha dwarf (mid-level mini from the Three Stage Player Characters series), Black Tree Drakul wizard, Foundry (?) Hundred Years War Captain, Empire Militia, two Reaper Bones Spikeshells.

 photo WIP January 2017 002s_zpsl95jyvoo.jpg

Left to right:

Ral Partha wizard (mid-level mini from the Three Stage Player Characters series), two Empire Soldiers (Landsknechts), one with a metal mace, an Empire Captain, Empire Militia (with an arm from an Empire Knights box and a shield from the same), TSR Dwarf with Reaper axe and GW plastic crossbow on his back.

I've got a bunch more in process, but either I want to keep them secret, just don't feel like getting them properly set up to snap pictures of, or they're way too early in the process to show off.

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