Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Good Stuff from Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Way back in 2015, one of my players gave me a copy of Hoard of the Dragon Queen.

I finally finished reading it cover-to-cover a couple of days ago. I just kept pushing it off for when I had more time, after I finished some work-related book, etc. etc.

So, first off, thanks again for the book Greg.

Second, I did get some useful things out of it.

- a good example of how to use dragons right away without annihilating the party or using a baby dragon. Or using it merely as a plot device.

- plenty of examples of uneasy allies, structured to either let the PCs take advantage - or not.

- an interesting magic item (which I probably won't convert to GURPS, but which I might use if I ever run D&D).

- good examples of using terrain, lighting, and situational modifiers to make a dungeon delver more interesting. Some I'd seen before but I appreciated the positive reinforcement.

- and a good swamp-based location I can throw into the Cold Fens.

So, thanks again - it was a useful read and I did get bits out of it I can use in my current campaign.

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