Saturday, March 11, 2017

eBay auctions coming tomorrow

I finally had both the time and the patience to list items on eBay. It's gotten more complicated since back the day when I bought and sold things more often. Geez. It took over 3 hours to do 10 listings. No wonder it mostly seems like storefronts today instead of a lot of individual sellers with a few storefronts.

I've got a few items I need to spend some time on today, before they can get sold tomorrow.

But at 4:00 PM PST the auctions should go live here:

They include:

- almost my entire Ogre minis collection as a huge lot.

- a four-book adventure lot for Swords & Wizardry.

- a three book GURPS 3rd edition lot.

- 14 Bones minis in a lot.

- a Wargames Factory Orcs Warband box

- Ral Partha 01-127 The Black Prince's Chariot of Fear

- Champions III

- a Dungeon Floors page from SJG

- some Munchkin stuff

Some non-gaming items (some Japanese stuff, a Hateful Eight Roadshow booklet, Lionel Train catalog, etc.) too.

Just letting people know ahead of time to keep an eye out.


  1. Don't suppose you'd let me snatch those Ogre minis before they go up?

    1. If you'll take them as a lot, sure, I don't want to deal with the hassle of breaking it up and selling it bit by bit. Email me - p underscore dellorto at yahoo and I'll get you the info.


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