Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Lankhmar and Planescape: Torment news

There is a Lankhmar boxed set on Kickstarter for DCC. I'm tempted to jump in, even though I already have the AD&D version from TSR. The DCC magic system really does seem to fit with Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser - magic is dangerous to be on the giving or receiving end of, no one really wants magical items, and it's all about the adventuring now than building up a domain or retiring to own a tavern.

Because of that, all three of the DCC Lankhmar items on RPG Now are on sale for $2 each - roughly 75% off. I'm thinking of getting one just to see how they are for me as a non-DCC player, but I'm not sure which. Honestly if I was going to play a game set in this world, I'd use GURPS, but DCC adventures are generally pretty entertaining. Any recommendations of which one I should get to try them out?

DCC Lankhmar: Through Ningauble's Cave

DCC Lankhmar: Patrons of Lankhmar

DCC Lankhmar: Masks of Lankhmar

I'm tempted by the boxed set, although I'm not sure I need anything - not even the AD&D Lankhmar book - to run a game set there.

There is also an enhanced version of Planescape: Torment coming out, for $19.99. I've played it through, er, three times? I can't see playing it a fourth (I think the third time I managed to do everything that I didn't do the first two times.) But if you haven't, take a look. It's a great game that really pulls you into the story.


  1. I've got the original "Planescape: Torment" kicking around somewhere upstairs. Back when I was working for a computer book publisher, we had a division which did games, and they were clearing out a backlog of software they'd gotten samples of. Played it for a few hours, then got distracted and forgot about it. I suspect I'm just not cut out for computer games.

  2. I just got the 3 items from Goodman games, and there is a lot of good fluff mingled with random tables.

    1. If you had to pick one of the three to recommend, which would it be?

      If I buy one I will read it, if I buy three I will skim three.

  3. I picked up the 3 Lankhmar supplements, the patrons book gives the wizard's god treatment to some Newhon personages, and Ningauble's cave is an interdimensonal nexus with good flavor and some decent random tables.

    1. Sounds like Through Ningauble's Cave would be the most useful for me, since Felltower takes the "maze of tunnels ending in gates" concept directly from Swords in the Mist.


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