Monday, March 13, 2017

eBay auctions

Those eBay auctions I mentioned are up.

For the full list click on my username: peterdellorto

They include:

- a huge Ogre minis lot

- a three-box lot of Space:1889 minis.

- The Black Prince's Chariot of Fear

- Boat Wars supplement for Car Wars

- Chez Geek

- Champions III

- an OSR Swords & Wizardry 4 module lot

- a three-book GURPS 3e lot

- Wargames Factory Orcs Warband

- Munchkin bookmarks & 2008 silver coin sold!

- a Cardboard Heroes Dungeon Floors stairs sheet

- GURPS Steampunk minis

- a 14 figures Bones mini lot

- GURPS Discworld and Discworld Also

- the GROO card game and expansion set

- Illuminati Deluxe Edition with the Y2K expansion and Brainwash expansion

Plus non-gaming stuff. Stock up now on Japanese textbooks and hoodies and mouse pads and more. Heh.

If you buy anything (or multiple anythings) and mention during checkout (or basically, before I pack the stuff) that you're a reader of this blog I will throw in an extra something - a mini from my collection if you're buying minis, something book related if you're buying books, etc. I can't promise anything really exciting, but I do have a limited edition Sandra Garrity Blackbeard mini I didn't feel like listing on its own, and some oddball Foundry minis I have far too many of . . . mostly pirates.

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