Thursday, March 9, 2017

GURPS DF Felltower Wizard & Druid Spell Costs

Yesterday I linked to the list of cleric spell prices I use. But what about wizard spells and druid spells?

Druid Spells

It's not common for people to ask for druid spells to be cast for them, but it's quite possible people will need someone un-Arboreal Immured, need an animal cured or charmed, or have plant or wood related issues. Storms and rain and such are also their domain, but the prices they charge farmers for bringing down some good rain aren't really good DF fodder.

Like cleric spells, it's usually $1/point up to around 10 energy; after that, it's $50 per point. Assume the prices are set by the local drum circle of druids.

Wizard Spells

Wizards aren't the nicest people. Prices for casting spells is a flat $50/point. Yes, they'll write you a charged scroll for that amount instead, and you can go off and risk suffering your own critical failures without them around. Bottom-end spells may go for as low as $1/point but only for really dinky spells - Ignite Fire, Purify Water, Clean, etc. Otherwise, expect $50/point, and of course that is what charged scrolls cost (per DF4, p. 15) Even spells that cost less than 10 energy will often go for $50/point!

Generally the spells people will want are the pricier ones will long casting times and uncertain results. Analyze Magic, Divination, Repair, Dispel Magic, and Counterspell all spring to mind. Since permanence of creation is a not an element of DF magic, wizards are less likely to be useful in-town casters.

Skill level in all cases is 15 - you can pay for higher if it's available using the same pricing structure from DF4. Skill-20, the most common choice, is $150/point.

Generally people don't ask for these spells, except for Analyze Magic and occasionally Repair and muse about Divination. But since I mentioned healing costs, I may as well get these out of the way as well.

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