Wednesday, March 8, 2017

GURPS DF Fellower Healing Costs

So how much is healing in my DF game?

I just straight-up use the costs listed in this post by Sean "Dr. Kromm" Punch. Even in light of switching to $20/point permanent enchantment, I still like the bottom-end costs being so low. Not the least of the reasons for that is it explains why a cleric PC with Major Healing and Cure Disease isn't racking up hundreds of coins a day charging for healing. The PC might be doing such work in town but it sure isn't a major payday, and it's more like the delver's buddies will need Remove Curse than that Blacksmith Wadislas will.

I do also use some of the cut-rate resurrection options, specially the ones outlined in the first post (including the leveled expendable perk The Church Owes Me) but not the ones in the second post.

The pricing seems fair, and works out well - potentially you could buy one of those big spells as a charged clerical scroll, if you order ahead of time and pay, but you need to have a cleric (and a lot of time) to get it done. A universal charged scroll is twice as much.

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