Monday, June 26, 2017

Felltower summary teaser

So today I'm working or training from a short time from now until late tonight. I probably won't have time to get a summary written today. But here is some of what happened yesterday:

- Raggi is back from vacation, nicely tanned and ready to get back to delving.

- Hasdrubal started to look into a Ken Shabby statue's cost (Hjalmarr suggested a wooden chainsaw bear style one.)

- lots of exploration, fairly deep in the dungeon.

- lots of avoiding the Lord of Spite.

- more black hemispheres discovered and destroyed.

- first encounter with a new form of death - Eye Beasts were encountered and slain. Or destroyed. One of those.

- Raggi vs. Mo, round 1.

- Swarming gargoyles.

- A killer floor.

- and no wishes used, but they got discussed a lot!

Hopefully I can get up some pictures and a summary today, but it's more likely going to be tomorrow.

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