Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Jeff Rients's hirelings

You have to know by now I love hirelings. I proposed and co-wrote a book about them, I blog about them, I paint them, and I deploy them regularly in my games.

Jeff Rients just put up a great list of hirelings for his Vyzor game:

Meet the locals: Vyzor hirelings

It's a very fun list to read, akin to those of the Dungeon Dozen.

It also has a nice set of rules for varying levels of utility for hirelings.

Go check them out. I need to paint up some more figures in the tradition dark red shirts and jackets of the local militia . . . and yes, you can count this as a uniform for the rules in DF15 . . .


  1. Great stuff. Hirelings are so much fun.

  2. Ya ditto, excellent henchmen and excellent organization.


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