Thursday, June 1, 2017

GURPS Writing Update

I haven't had a chance to get in a writing update about GURPS.

- I wrote and submitted an article to Pyramid which centers on something I needed for my own games. It's DF related, unlike my last one.

- I got back to work cleaning up a co-authoring project with Douglas Cole. By cleaning up, I mean starting over because we got way out of hand with our cool ideas and couldn't edit it down. I'd do an editing pass and end up with more words. Sigh.

So it seemed easier to just start from first principles and write. That's going well, and hopefully you'll be able to see what we cooked up in Pyramid at some point.

The work we did isn't wasted, though - those words needed to be written so we could see what really needed to get down on paper. That happens.

- I started work on a Felltower-themed DF article, with materials pulled straight out of my current game with all of the labels intact. I'm not sure it's salable, though, since it's less generic than usual. But you never know, and if it's not good to go as-is, I can certainly generic it up. Still, I like how it's coming together now.

- Sales of my books are still going pretty well. DFM3 is still going at a pretty good pace. Slow but steady. The more that sells, the better the odds of DFM4 coming out, and I've got monsters ready for that one, too.


  1. I suppose I should find out if the GURPS establishment is sufficiently recovered from the stress of DFRPG to entertain new book proposals.

  2. There are many reasons that I dislike 'You should make this book' advice. That said a monsters expansion for DFRPG with cardbard hero monsters readyish to go would be neat.


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