Saturday, June 3, 2017

Felltower tomorrow: Prep and Thoughts

So after a long break, we're playing DF: Felltower tomorrow. This will be session #3 for this year.

Yeah, #3.

We've actually played several times this year, but because we took two sessions off for White Plume Mountain and two for Gamma World that's mean that only three times had we delved into Felltower.

2017 has been a terrible, terrible year for scheduling.

Our usual host has been working seven days a week most of this year. That cuts down our best gaming place and one player, which makes it tougher to reach enough players to get a game in.

I've been busy more Sundays than usual, which also means no Felltower and often cuts down Gamma World enough to make that a problem, too. The group can play without me, but generally does not.

It's not going to get much better - I have a few Sundays x-ed out already for July and travel for August.

So we've seriously lost a lot of play momentum and it's not going to be easy to get it back.

That hasn't derailed the game in any way, though. It's still ready to go, we're still ready to play, and there is still a lot to do. But 2017 won't have an epic list of played sessions.

In the game itself, though, there is a lot to do. Off the top of my head, here are things that have recently (or at least, this year) discussed as things to do:

- kill the Lord of Spite;

- attack the orcs (which means either going into "the orc hole" or wandering around attacking orcs as they are found);

- go to the Lost City of D'Abo via the gate;

- clear the dungeon area around the gate (specifically, take out the gnolls and ogres);

- figure out those big doors down on the Lord of Spite's level.

I'm ready for all of those as well as for, "hey, let's go down this hallway instead of any of the stuff we planned!"

It's just a question of organizing my minis so I have what I need on the table. Hopefully we'll have a good number of players - seems like most of the regulars can make it, sans one or two we've sent abroad on missions.

It'll be nice to GM GURPS again for my group. We'll see if I have any rust to knock off, or if we've all taken home the wrong lessons from AD&D.


  1. I feel like our parents had more spare time than we do. I wonder why

    1. Grass is greener syndrome, most probably.

    2. Not so! I've got no idea about Scott Anderson's personal situation, of course, but demographically there are a lot of people in the situation he describes: for most people in the US, working hours have increased by about 10% in a generation.

      (I wouldn't normally post non-gaming links here - that's clearly not what this wonderufl blog is for! - but just to make my comment something more than mere assertion, here are two studies that look pretty reputable to me, both confirming this: and )

      Anyway, it's not at all crazy to think that, on average, many people have less time for gaming than their parents might have (if their parents had gamed...)

  2. I've been able to run two demo DF sessions this year and I'm running it at a small convention.

    My mega dungeon continues to come along. I try to do at least a couple of rooms a day.

    I want to have enough that I don't have to say to the players 'your PCs can't go there, it's not ready'.

    I only run maximum four hour games though so as long as there's one big/long fight the players catching up is less of an issue.

    That said I have an entire surface level all open, eight plus buildings/areas right there. Only one is 90% complete the others continue to come along.

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