Thursday, June 8, 2017

GURPS Lite in the Classroom, Session #8

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Rules Explanations

None today.


I did the short recap again, a bit longer.


We last left the Unknown Soldier heading back the way he'd originally escape from. Instead of veering back toward his cell, he took a disused and cobwebbed corridor going the other way. He felt his way down the corridor, in the dark, wounded, as the fortress's soldiers looked for him on the upper levels.

He eventually felt a door on his left, and opened it. Inside was a faint glow.

He opened the door wide, then stepped in and closed it. There was a small room beyond, with a hairy man sitting by a table with a candle on it, reading a book. The man said hello, asked who he was, but really just wanted to sit and read his book. The Unknown Soldier drew his sword and tried to wave him away from the candle, wanting to take it for light. The strange man grabbed the candle and turned away, continuing to read.

So the Unknown Soldier slashed him with his sword. The man tried to dive aside but was cleanly hit for 11 cutting damage. The candle hit the floor - I said it would stay lit on a 1-2 in 6, and rolled a 4. It went out.

The Unknown Soldier felt around until he found the candle, and his flint and steel, and lit it. The man was gone - no blood, no nothing. The PC ignored the book, etc. and left the room and continued on his way.

(So much for the helpful NPC who could tell him how to escape, help him in various ways, etc. Chop! Die, I need that candle! Heh.)

The Unknown Soldier headed down the corridor until it widened out into a cave. He stuck to the right wall until it lead to a watery cave lit by phosphorescent slime. He stopped and bound his wounds and ate his looted food.

Until he head a scratch-stomp, scratch-stomp, of something coming!


Geez, PCs will kill anyone. I should possibly have made the NPC more obviously helpful, but I figured he'd ask some questions, not just right for "kill him for the candle." Oh well.

One more session, possibly ever, next time. I'll put in another way out past the creature that is coming, so we can end this campaign on a good place to end and/or restart when the next school year comes.

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