Thursday, August 31, 2017

Armor Options for our DF to DFRPG Switchover

So, I've been thinking of the armor options for our DF game, which is mostly switching over to DFRPG as its rules base. Not that this is a big change, but for armor, it is significant.

Option 1: As Is

As we play now, using GURPS Basic Set's armor and DF1/DF3 rules on sizing.

Pros: Simplest.

Cons: We'll have to ignore sections of the DFRPG and all supplements to it that deal with armor. When GCA files for the DFRPG come out we can't use them or I'll need to make a patch GDF to go with them. People enamored of the new armor options will have to leave them by the board.

Likelihood of Use: Very high. In use now, so this will remain unless we make a deliberate change.

Option 2: By the Book Plus Oversized

By the DFRPG book. This approach means:

- there is no Faerie Gear.

- SM -1, SM -2 armor is the same weight as SM 0 armor.

- SM +1 or larger armor is handled per DF1 and DFD:B; that is, double cost and weight.

We can't just do "by the book" because no cases for armor cost/weight for SM +1 guys exist and we have two of them, one of whom (Honus) wears armor.

Pros: Simple.

Cons: SM -1 and SM -2 delvers will be unhappy, especially those already running them. Existing armor can be grandfathered in, but this won't make them happy because armor can be lost, existing armor can't be assured to be upgraded, and PCs with a little more cash and time in will have better gear than new PCs can possibly get. Will require a patch GDF for GCA.

Likelihood of Use: Moderate. It's the least work while still allowing for lighter, better, but much more costly armor.

Option 3: By the Book Plus Oversized Plus Mundane Gear

Use the armor as-is from DFRPG, but use the mundane armor rules from DF1/DF3.

- SM -1 and SM -2 armor will be very light, but very weak (1/2 and 1/5 weight and DR)

- As now, SM -1 and SM -2 delvers will need to go either no-armor ("why bother?") or heavy armor with enchantment to make up for the loss.

- Access to lighter armors means SM -1 and SM -2 delvers will have some DR but armor will be heavy for what you get (SM -1 Epic Plate would be DR 4, 5 with a round-up, and 48 pounds; SM -2 Epic Plate would be DR 2 with a round-up, and 19.2 pounds) but still better than the DFRPG allows (36 pound DR 2 heavy leather for either.)

Likelihood of Use: Very Low. More work, less likely anyone would take advantage, and it's easier to just use things as-is.

Option 4: By the Book Plus Oversized Plus Faerie Gear

Use the armor as-is from DFRPG, but use the sizing rules from DF1/DF3.

- SM -1 and SM -2 armor will be lower in DR (-1 and -2, respectively) but significantly lighter.

- SM -1 and SM -2 armor won't be any more expensive than SM 0 armor

- Smaller delvers will lose some top-end DR but will be able to get close to SM 0 DR for a fraction of the weight of the armor they have access to using GURPS Basic Set.

Pros: Players of SM -1 and SM -2 delvers will be happy. Getting extremely light, high DR, very effective armor will simply be a problem of wealth. Playing SM -3 or smaller characters will be covered.

Cons: This is basically a giveaway - the most PC-favorable parts of the existing rules plus the most PC-favorable parts of the new rules. Small size isn't a disadvantage, it's a very large advantage, given wealth to cover for it.

Likelihood of Use: Nil. I'm not against making things better for the players, but I am against something that will be a lot of work for me and everyone else just to make things better for a select few PCs.

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