Thursday, August 24, 2017

Little things to love about the DFRPG

The DFRPG has a fair number of small rules clarifications, modifications to simplify, and changes that make for a potentially better GURPS experience.

Berserk now specifically mentions Change Position as your required maneuver when knocked down; I run it that way myself now.

Signature Gear is now a 1-point advantage tacked on to a specific item. It is no longer 1 point per $500 of value (round up). Nor does it give you any money. It's just plot protection for an item. I like that a lot. It's not new top GURPS in the DFRPG, but it's new to the DF line and DFRPG sub-line.

Slam is a Move-modified ST-based attack. No longer do you need to calculate Speed & HP to get a number, but just use your listed damage.

It's clear when to use Speed to give an attacker a penalty to hit in combat. It's not often (AOD (Increased Dodge) and Move, pretty much) but it's clear when to use it.

Relative positive SM isn't a penalty for attacking; not that I ran it that way (it's hard enough being an SM+4 giant without taking a -4 to hit a human and a -5 or -6 to attack a small halfling). It's still a bonus for grappling. You get hosed on being hit, but you grapple better and don't have worse striking.

Overrun and Trample attacks are clearly spelled out, and who can use them is also clear. Yes, big monsters can just walk through you and get a free slam or whirl in a circle and tail-slam everyone. Don't stay too close to the Rancor.

Crippling Injuries get a handy table for typical delver-level HP.

Combat at Different Levels is simplified, and it's abundantly clear what the effects are. Fighting flying monsters sucks - +2 and -2 to defend, and if you're not the one flying you're not the one getting the plus.

Knockback damage - from being knocked into things - is listed. Ah, just like Champions.

Unliving, Homogeneous, and Diffuse Target damage is in a nice a nicer, easier format.

Weapons use the GURPS Low-Tech damage listings and added weapons. Since I'm the one that did those, I'm very pleased to see this made core for the DFRPG.

Group Skill Use is clearly spelled out.

So is Surprise, and how to use it in a dungeon.

Everything is figured. Well, more or less - you don't need to modify costs for power sources or limitations, add enhancements for special bonuses, etc. It's just as-written, no modifiers. So Turning, Healing, modified Wild Talents for spellcasters, etc. are just as-is traits to take. Less figuring = faster chargen.

There is more, of course, but those are some highlights I found that might show you why we're swapping Basic Set for Exploits for our long-running DF game.


  1. Bjorn gets knocked down. But he gets up again. Nobody ever's going to keep Bjorn down!

    1. Well, sure, and since in my games Bjorn is might be giant, here is a link for you.

  2. The signature gear bit has me on the fence. I think I like it, and I think I don't. The really important detail I think is that DFRPG prescribes that you can only apply signature gear to equipment you start with. One thing I fear, and partially, I guess, it's my fault, is that with my nearly Monty Haul treasure dungeons is that someone gets the $400k gold crown with 100 carat jewels and all the enhancements, enchantments, and embellishments in the universe (thanks DF8 random treasure table!) and someone slaps a point on that sucker.
    I guess there are obvious solutions to the problem, like stipulating you need to survive x consecutive adventures before you can apply it, a la weapon/equipment bond, or just curating the treasure lists a bit better.

    1. Or just say no. I mean, you're the GM, right?

    2. Sure am! Fiat is one of my weaknesses though.

    3. Not mine. GM rulings is one of the major reasons why there is a GM.

      Besides, I think it is totally fair to say, "Convince me that this powerful magic item you just don't want to lose is really a signature aspect of your character. If response isn't hell yes, it's hell no." Plenty of power-gamey moves can get shot down by not really having any basis in the shared reality you've created. And the moment someone starts quoting the rules at you, they've moved beyond a good in-game reason.

    4. If you want a 'quick and fast' rule to when a piece of gear could count as signature gear:

      The PC must use it as the primary gear of it's type for as many sessions as it would cost to buy using points for cash before they can spend the Perk Point on it. So a 50k$ weapon? They must use it as their weapon-of-choice for 100 sessions.

      There problem solved.

      And of course no trade backs for those spent Perk Points.

  3. I dont allow signature have gear full stop.

    One player took it before I told him not too. Ofcoursw he is stuck with a pretty crappy item as signature gear. So not a problem


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