Friday, August 4, 2017

Bones IV Kickstarter thoughts

As I mentioned the other day, I got in on the Bones IV Kickstarter.

There does not seem to be such an overwhelming number of character minis in this one, especially in the core set. That's good for me as mostly those aren't useful. They tend to be very much unique, heavy on detail, action-posed, and otherwise distinctive. They end up being time-consuming to paint and useful once at the table as a foe.

It's interesting that they put a big dragon in the core set. They are usually $15 add-ons. I had that one - Gauth - in metal and sold the kit because it was clearly never getting painted. With the dragons I have now, do I need another big one? One of my players would say "Yes!" but my players also strenuously avoid dragons ("There is a big dragon in the Cold Fens!" "Let's not waste time getting sidetracked exploring that place." "Okay, there is one in Felltower!" "We're not ready for that one, let's avoid it until we're all powerful enough." Etc.)

I like the knights a lot, and I like the inclusion of more monster types, even those odd minitaurs. And more goblins are welcome.

The Chronoscope add-on pack is very cool, but I only could really use 4-5 of them. One of those I already have in metal. So I think I'll pass.

The trolls add-on is tempting. I do like trolls and I do have several now. But I may not need those guys.

The "High Rollers" dice-people would make good silly versions of Modrons. But I could equally just have the PCs in my game fight deleted for spoiler reasons instead.

All in all, I think my $100 pledge is going to probably stay right there. A solid core set, nothing to add-on yet, and a few tradeable figures already (thanks for the kobolds and townsfolk, but they can go away when they arrive.)


  1. Truth to tell, the only one that even remotely interests me is the dragon turtle. And even then, I wish they hadn't made the treasure pile a part of the sculpt. But for $18, I'm in.

    1. Correction - I contacted Reaper and they said that it was 99% likely the treasure pile wouldn't be attached to the sculpt. So I'm happy enough about that.

    2. That's good. I think that sucker would look nice on a "flying" clear base or a water-looking base like the blue bones material as a two-part mini. I don't think I'll get it, because I don't really need it, but it's attractive.

  2. Im backing atm.

    Ive gone from almost zero minis to a lot (on order)


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