Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Bones IV last 4 days

The Reaper Bones 4 Kickstarter is still going, and closing in on its last few days.

They've expanded with some very cool expansions:

Chronoscope, a sci-fi pack.

Dreadmere, a horror-and-undead filled swamp,

Dark Reaches, your basic D&D Underdark (gnomes, dark elves, fungi, monsters)

Lost Valley, reptile men and dinosaurs

At this point, though, I will still pass on all of them. Dark Reaches is tempting for the monsters, but the ones I don't have but want are few enough to make a $50+shipping ask too high. I'd love the umber hulk knockoff, the hook horror knockoff, etc. but I don't need them, and there are too many I don't want in the pile. And besides, that Fungal Queen is totally a surface dweller wearing a mushroom man's head as a hat and pretending to be a mushroom to rule them all. Bet you don't get that in too many games.

The Lost Valley is cool, but I play GURPS. For all that I have players who say, "HECK YES I WANNA FIGHT DINOSAURS!" the problem is that dinos aren't terribly exciting monsters. They are just giant lizards, without the fire breath of slorn or magical powers of dragons. They're bags of HP with a Dodge score and a high-damage melee attack. Unlike in, say, AD&D, where there is this terrible risk the 18 HD T.Rex will bite for 5-40 before you can whittle down its HP to 0 and drop it. In GURPS, especially in GURPS DF, it'll be "okay, eye shot, I take it right to -5xHP." Also, if I wanted dinos, there are cheap plastic dino toys all over the place. If the pack expands, though, it's possible it may fill out with things I must have. So anyway, that makes it less likely I want or need this.

The core set - which will run me $110 with shipping, rounded up - is a great deal, though. And you can buy straight in for individual pieces if you want. I already have plans for the minis from mine!


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