Monday, August 28, 2017

Games notes from Sunday's DF Felltower session

We played our 91st game session in the current DF game on Sunday.

Here are some random notes:

- The cleaned up Grease spell in the DFRPG is very much like my cleaned-up Grease spell. I approve.

- equally, the improved Very Rapid Healing is a tempting buy for a barbarian nowadays.

- I still prefer ST checks over CP-based systems for dealing with spells like Glue or to hold on to something. It's just easier. Perhaps a smoothed CP-based system could work, but it'll add a step that "Okay, ST Contest!" just doesn't need.

- It's starting to get tricky to keep track of who touched what hand of what color in what room, in what combination.

- I really should have put the Raiders statue in a location with a giant rolling boulder. Or had a French-accented wizard accompanied by horde pygmies with blowguns come and try and take it back. Oh well, can't think of all of them.

- I'm down to d20 rumors most sessions. It's hard to keep a fresh, useful pool of rumors ready for a d30 with the relatively limited delving going on. There just isn't a lot to chat about.

- Mo finally, as of the end of the session, got 30 HP. It's been a slog, since he's been improving ST at the maximum rate he can, not improving HP alone. His one-shot kill potential is getting better now that he's at ST 22 with Striking ST 2. One more point of ST - probably two sessions from now - and he's got 5d-1 swing as a base. This is good because even a combat-oriented barbarian is a second rate combatant next to a knight that's over 150 points his better. Being a bruiser enough to really smash stuff helps.

- The PCs only found one treasure the whole trip, and it was really significant. Like I've said before - the deeper you go, the more risk but the more reward. Oversized slug beasts, wandering patrols, lethal reeks, death brains, gibbering mounds of chaos, etc. and glue-and-grease traps with harmful spells set to go off on a touch, strange runes, doors that bite, etc. - nevermind gates and gate guards and puzzles - but one treasure is $20K. Go deeper, and it'll potentially be more so. It's the logic of the game, and the game world reflects that.

- I can be pretty harsh on "we copy down the symbols." My example is when I've copied down Hangul from the supermarket and showed someone who speaks Korean and they say, "I can't read that." It's worse because I don't even know what I'm copying. Or when I write kanji in Japanese and it's not clear what I'm actually writing to the person written to because the stroke order is wrong and minor errors creep in to make it all unclear. And I speak, read, and write that language. So, Artist rolls to copy down symbols. You can't always take a rubbing. And by the way, taking a rubbing means you need paper equal in size to the writing . . . tough when I make giant doors covered in symbols. This is on purpose, it's supposed to be tricky to sage-source or crowd-source your strange runes and whatnot.


  1. Replies
    1. Nah, they need a copy of Felltower.docx, that would be better than any camera.

  2. That's why my Sage in Northport has Eidetic memory... he can keep trying to redraw the symbols till he get's them right... ;)

    1. If my PCs had a sage, they could just read the symbols. It's possible any of the wizards could, or maybe Gale. But all of their learned delvers were MIA.

  3. I thought Mo was already maxed out on HP or I would've gotten 30 earlier. I much prefer ST-22 and 30HP though. And yes, Once he gets to 5d I'll get his combat skills up for a while, get Extra Effort, then max ST, extra FP, and Great Rage... after that I'll look at Very Rapid Healing, Recovery. Might get Resistance to Poison next, skin as armor has its disadvantages.

    1. Barbarians are limited to 1.5x ST in HP. He had ST 21, which limited him to 31 HP. I think you'd maxed him out before, but then raised your ST which raises the limit.


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