Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Other People's Posts - DFRPG armor in DF 13 loadouts

Charles Saeger put up a nice post yesterday that puts the Dungeon Fantasy Role-Playing Game armor weights/costs into DF13's loadouts:

New Armor Loadouts for DF13

That's pretty cool - if you want to grab-and-go a loadout, it's still two steps to do it this way but it sure beats doing the entire loadout by hand.

I also put this in my sidebar of GURPS links to make it easier for people to find again.


  1. Thanks! And if anyone has any suggestions for these, leave them in the comments on my blog (meaning, click through then comment there). I tried to keep in the spirit of the originals, with price being the first-and-foremost concern.

  2. Thanks! I love DF13: Loadouts, because, as Peter knows...I have habit of creating characters for no reason at all.


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