Saturday, September 29, 2018

C2 Pregen comments

We'll be playing C2 with the pregens from the module.

Some interesting notes:

- the party spellcasters are notably higher level than the rest. The group is:

Human Fighter 7
Human Thief 7
Human Monk 7
Human Magic-Users 10
Human Cleric 9

- they all have 18 in their prime requisite. The monk has no 18s, only the minimums for her class (but also Charisma 15)

- they all have maximum HP.

- they're all unequipped, and the party has 25,000 gp to equip them with magic items from a list plus mundane gear from the PHB.

- none have bonus-providing stats other than their prime requisite.

I don't think I ever really examined them that closely to note all of this (except for the equipping part, that is.)

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