Friday, September 21, 2018

Food in Gamma Terra

I sometimes wonder what the heck you eat in Gamma World.

The whole place is a radiated nightmare with fauna and flora that seems like it's 20% mutated fish, 50% hostile vegetables, and 30% intelligent animals.

Make a burger? The beef is from a lethal animal. Who knows if there is any grain to make bread. And even the lettuce is probably psionic and the tomatoes almost certainly contain more radiation than lycopene.

Even if we found that lettuce and those tomatoes, we'd have to sweep green or red "snow" off of them and then cook them in water that flows in and out of mutagenic wastelands.

We handwave a lot of this. Not the amounts - we do have to make efforts to pack rations, bring water or purifiers, and sit and eat.

And we have found a lot of safe pre-disaster food. Ration bars, protein powder, and even some beer.

But geez, the rest of it?

It feels like we need both Eats Other Sentients, Cast-Iron Stomach, and a clear willingness to get mutated to just snack on some of the local staple foods.

I'm content to handwave it, because it's hard to wrap my mind around it based on the world we live in. Our GM's version of Gamma World is a lot scarier, a lot more depressing, and a lot more lethal than the nearly cheerful wasteland the mutant humanoids I played back in 1st and 2nd edition seemed to live in. Those lucky so-and-sos had food!

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