Thursday, September 20, 2018

Chaos Wars Kickstarter + Felltower DF

So Tenkar noticed this before I did:

Chaos Wars Wave 3

And the Chaos army makes an appearance.

I have a number of these minis already. Some of them actually were released as three-stage player character sets but in this series have been turned into three individuals.

I'm sadly lacking in a lot of Tom Meier Chaos Knights.

I've stared at images of these minis with desire for decades.

So I'll rectify this with this Kickstarter.

Will these guys show up in Felltower?

Yes. I have some Warhammmer Chaos Knights, of course, which my players have seen. But I could use these Ral Partha / Ironwind Minis ones. Felltower definitely has some Chaos Knights. Why wouldn't it? Diablo II had knights, and Diablo II was awesome.

What makes a GURPS DF Chaos Knight a Chaos Knight?

It can be, but generally isn't, the Chaos prefix from DFM1. I love that prefix (I'm largely responsible for that one) but it's not what I'm gunning for.

Chaos Knights aren't really well-modeled with the Knight template, in my opinion.

Instead, Chaos Knights are more-or-less like unholy warriors except possessing traits that only come from Chaos warping, such as:

- natural DR

- in-born immunities

- in-born vulnerabilities

- expanded capabilities, such as better Night Vision, ability to sense evil (Detect) so they can find allies, and so on.

- expanded disadvantages, such as Berserk, Fanaticism, and Frightens Animals.

- strange powers, such as magical enhancements to weaponry.

Plus, honestly, whatever crazy stuff I can cull from Moorcock. Not soul-sucking swords, mind you, but he's a great source for evil knights.

And am I spoiling anything for my players? No, the old hands know I have those minis. That I'd use them is also not a surprise. If I'll use them as mentioned above, well, I do change my mind before the dice the table. Forewarned is forearmed, but sometime it's also rumors shaping reality.

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