Saturday, September 8, 2018

Random Notes for 9/8

Just some assorted links and notes:

- Sean Punch announced he's written Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 4. I can say that, having not seen any of these monsters, and having no idea of the content, that all of them will be canon for Felltower and will begin to make appearances in my game the moment the PDF arrives. Sean thinks of, and writes, monsters that are entirely in line with a nastier version of me. Bwahahaha.

- I updated the DF campaign page and monsters encountered links.

- I based and mounted Jasper's mini. He'll get a basecoat when the rain clears up.

- Felltower needs a bit of this mania:

"3. Manic obsession w/cleanliness has overtaken sentient dungeon occupants, watch as they busily scrub, sweep, mop, dust, polish, chemically cleanse walls, floors, doors, pits, traps, bringing an unprecedented sparkle & freshness to dungeon environment"

It's getting a bit gamey in the dungeon with all of these dead monsters and the stale air of "level 4"

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