Saturday, September 15, 2018

Gamma Terra: Stand Aside, Join the Little Thieves, or Destroy the Both?

So we're finally going to do all of this stuff we talked about in Gamma Terra:

What Next in Gamma Terra?

The plan is pretty much unchanged from then, except it's clear that the Little Thieves want to go after the Little Monks in a big way. We get along with the Little Thieves. Their name worries me - what is it they are stealing? - but their actions are mostly benign. We had that one issue with that one splinter group of theirs, but that seems all sorted out.

I'm the suspicious sort, but I'm willing to extend trust while we've got the tools to avenge dishonesty.

If they fight the Little Monks, what is our best option? We seem to have three:

1) Stand aside. We let them fight it out and see who wins. Maybe the Little Monks win, and we can clear out the Little Thieves from the factory.

2) Join them. We join the Little Thieves, and help them crush the Little Monks either with direct support or some kind of distant fire support (we do have a couple of snipers.) The we can negotiate their removal from their factory home as a condition of our help.

3) Play both sides against each other. The Red Harvest solution was suggested by one of our players. We get both sides to destroy each other.

Out of those, I rank them 2-1-3. I think 3 costs us all the work we did with the Little Thieves, has the most potential downside, and probably takes the most time. It will also cost us the most ammo and most effort.

1 is the least effort, least time, and least thought. But it gains us nothing except possibly a stronger hand in forcing the Little Thieves off of the production floor of the factory.

So I'm pushing for 2. We join the Little Thieves, help them beat the Little Monks, and ask for their total departure from the factory floor as a condition of that. We then put the factory into production and use the benefits of that to further our other aims.

We'll see how it all plays out.


  1. 1 is probably going to be a tough sell to the LTs. They've got a sweet base, and unless the LMs have a sweeter base for the LTs to move into, the LTs aren't likely to give up their space without a) a fight or b) a lot of incentives.

    I don't, maybe I've missed something in following the Tomorrow Men, but that's my 2 cent take on the situation.

    1. Turns out #1 was pretty easy, since what we want, they want in a serious, religious way. They worship machines and want more of them - we told them we'd need them out of the way to make more machines. They couldn't promise to move fast enough.

      And we helped them win their war, which was fun.


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