Thursday, December 20, 2018

The End of Pyramid

Matt "I wrote like 10,000 articles" Riggsby has a few things to say about the end of the third iteration of Pyramid magazine.

I wrote a number of articles for Pyramid, both in its second and third iterations. I submitted an article for its first iteration, the paper one, but it was rejected and sent back for revision. I revised it and sent it in, but somehow the revision got lost . . . but the next editor, Steven Marsh, picked it up as originally written for the 2nd edition. So clearly it wasn't that bad; maybe just Scott Haring didn't like it as much as Steven did. Either way, I wrote some articles for the weekly online version of Pyramid.

It transitioned eventually to the PDF version. I started writing for that soon after that happened, getting my first article in the new edition with issue 3/03 and "Deathball."

It's sad to see it gone. The PDFs will always be out there, which is probably part of the good and bad of it. The good, because you can always get a back issue. The bad, because it was easy to just ignore it and go back later when you needed a piece. The long tail is nice, but it's rough on the publisher in a lot of ways. The lack of push to get the new issue now, while you can, has to be part of that. Sales almost certainly didn't match the needs. So it ends.

And so it goes.

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